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zondag 14 april 2002 - 18:16






If I were a sappy movie ballad, I would be My Heart Will Go On from Titanic
Incurring the wrath of both casual radio listeners and audiophiles the world over, I managed to get played every hour on the hour on every radio station the world over. It seems that my appeal will go on, and on, and on, and on....

What sappy movie ballad are you?

If you were a sappy movie ballad, you would be Everything I Do (I Do It For You) from Robin Hood: Prince of Theives

Inspiring tears in lovelorn 14 year olds across the globe, you proclaim that every action taken be in the name of a loved one. "That time I tripped down the stairs and broke my nose, that was for you, my love."
Maria - 14 april 2002 - 19:41

If you were a sappy movie ballad, you would be Iris from City of Angels

Hiding from people inside your own world because you "don't think that they'd understand," you believe you have only one true love which you'd "give up forever to touch." Unfortunately after touching this one true love, they forget to watch where they're going and smash into a truck.
Martijn - 14 april 2002 - 20:09

If you were a sappy movie ballad, you would be Life in Mono from Great Expectations

A quiet haunting melody and beautiful lyrics made you a hit with the nine or ten people who stayed for the credits of Great Expectations.

De film kén ik niet eens.
stoethaspel - 14 april 2002 - 20:48

I've had the time of my life - Dirty Dancing
Merel - 14 april 2002 - 22:00

I Will Always Love You from The BodyGuard

Inspiring interracial couples everywhere to realize that love is love is love, you even managed to prove that country music CAN be good. As long as its a pop song.
luba - 15 april 2002 - 16:07

die van jou, puck, is dat van die afschuwelijke celine dion? ouch.
hoewel mevrouw houston er ook zijn mag, natuurlijk, heh
luba - 15 april 2002 - 16:11

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